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John F Kennedy School

See the Routes and Timetables page for details of the services.



Any YEARLY TICKET can be paid in full or  by  Standing Order over 10 payments. TO USE this option please ORDER on line but do not pay then e mail us at with the order number.We will then send you the relevant information. .(SEE THE ATTACHMENT FOR DETAILS)

The yearly pass is by far the cheapest way to pay for school travel. There are no refunds for journeys not taken when the service is operating.


We are offering a special year 11 pass valid until 26 May 2023(Last half term) @ a cost of £695 payable over 10 months from 1st August 2022

Please Email if you would like to do this.

A 10 trip pass can be purchased from the website or by presenting a cheque to the driver with the exact amount made payable to ‘Lanes Coaches’

How to book your tickets

On Line

To order your ticket, select your route and stop number on the Routes and Timetables page and click the 'buy a ticket' link for the stop you require. 

You can then either continue and pay by card on line, post  a cheque or set up a standing order payment for yearly tickets (see above)

By post

Download a copy of the Postal Booking Form and the Tables (see attachments at right) then complete the form and return it to us with your payment.

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